ALCA represents the interests of seasonal and permanent residents of Aylen Lake located in the South Algonquin Township, Ontario, Canada. Membership is open to all who support the mission, ideals, concerns and goals of the Association.

The purpose of ALCA is to protect and enhance all aspects of the quality of life on Aylen Lake and their immediate surroundings and to provide representation for the membership to Municipal and Government bodies.

Benefits include:

  • Annual Regatta at Ranger’s Point
  • ALCA’s Annual General meeting
  • Shoals marker program
  • Liaison with FOCA (Federation of Ontario Cottager’s Associations)
  • Fire pumps program
  • AED (Defibrillator) access
  • Member’s website
  • Newsletter 
  • Updated Lake Map 
  • Attending South Algonquin Township's council meetings as needed
  • Liaison with the MNR (Ministry of National resources)
  • Monitor Water quality